Friday, April 5, 2013

April Showers

Bring May flowers!  Alright it's Friday.  Seems like it should not be a big deal when you are in between jobs and yet I still look forward to Fridays.  I give myself permission to not look at job sites on the weekends and so Fridays are my last day during the week to officially work at looking for work.  I don't HAVE to apply for any jobs until Monday!  Also I have a Saturday haircut appointment with my Marta thithy and Maestro Stefan tomorrow so yay for that!

And so this gray and drizzly Friday morning at the end of Easter vacation I spent at Peets with my Susie thithy.  A chocolate croissant and the new Mayan Mocha if you must know!  Boy howdy it was a baby day.  I think that at least 50% of the people that came in had small critters with them.  I am always amazed that on a weekday at 10:30 in the morning so many people are able to just hang out and have coffee.  They have their laptops and smart phones out, ear buds in and are plugging away.  Don't these people have jobs??  What the heck??

Amidst the unending stream of people coming and going and the murmurs of the surrounding conversations, we chatted and people watched, and  puzzled about what kinds of stories accompanied the fascinating faces and outfits.  We recognized some of the people from lives past and present.  We revisited this past week that was replete with chores and errands and familial assistance.  This got us to being nostalgic about when all of our critters were so fresh and innocent and our days of yore as youngsters and sweet memories from our own childhoods.  Susie was making preparations to spend some time with Rosie her "forever friend" which led to thoughts about all of our childhood friends and how grateful we are for them.  My auntie Teresa was telling us about a friend that she has had since grade school that called her the other day.  My cousin Lisa that had been in town for Easter commented on friends that she has kept in touch with since her school days.  My mother writes real letters to her girlhood friends!  We gathered these fragrant memories into sweet little posies that reside in our hearts to pluck willy nilly when we need a little cheering.  April showers really do bring May flowers and not just on the rolling hills that surround me.      

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