Thursday, March 21, 2013

My First Blog, "Call Me"

So Reina here is my first official blog!  It is a Wednesday evening and the sun has set.  The most wonderful thing about today was that I received three responses for job applications that I had sent out into cyberspace and the world wide interweb.  The first was to inform me that the job had been put on hold BUT that she was setting my resume aside in hopes that the hold would soon be lifted.  The second was to politely let me know that the position had been filled BUT they were very impressed with my lovely cover letter and professional resume and good luck with the job search.  The third reply was to let me know that she had received my "most enjoyable cover letter and fine resume."  And would I please call to chat about the position.  Insert here an ear to ear grin and the ever popular "Jazz Hands!"  Last night as I drifted off to sleep my last conscious thought was, "Can somebody, anybody just reply so that I know these applications have actually been looked at by a human being??"  Wow.  If I had only known that a little plea for recognition was all that it took I would certainly have done it weeks ago.  So knowing that  I only needed to give the universe a little nudge, I will as I drift off tonight,  implore; "Please can somebody at one of these many jobs that I have applied to in the city where I live just call me??"  If these people would just call me and talk to me and then if they find that I am unsuitable, or not a fit, well I will understand. me.  Just call me.  Please call me.  Call me.  Call me.  Once me.  Take it me.

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